Ovens for the foundry sector

Comex Group offers a wide range of equipment for drying water-based coatings on foundry cores and moulds, sand heating (Gibson), such as high temperature heat generators (Airover), and the like.

The HMB (Heating Modulation Burner) system is the new drying system for foundries, offering the right balance between radiation and hot air.

Our systems are equipped with:

  • Adequate mechanical handling;
  • Dedicated handling;
  • Computer handling with dedicated software;


  • HMB creates the right balance between radiation and forced air convection, allowing the best drying even for surfaces not in view.
  • HMB, allows drying at temperatures between 100 and 140°C, substantially reducing the overall heat demand overall

Low drying temperature means:

  • Low heat loss
  • Higher core strength during casting
  • Less smoke during drying
  • Easier handling at the end of drying


  • HMB generates heat through the right combination of gas-tight tubular exchangers equipped with forced-air burners and a suitable air ventilation system


  • HMB, is the highest safety guarantee on the market, as it is impossible for the working environment to be invaded by combustion products
  • HMB, thanks to the complete independence of each of its burners, never leaves you by the wayside, any failure of one or more burners does not affect the operation of the remaining ones, guaranteeing the continuity of the production process
  • HMB, allows you to carry out maintenance on individual burners without stopping the production process
  • HMB is the modular system par excellence, the thermal energy made available is suitably modulated according to the actual heat requirement, resulting in substantial energy savings


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