The industrial oven division Comex Group S.r.l., in operation since 1990, boasts a wide range of plants for drying, baking, cooling, and thermal management of materials and industrial processes.

Each project is studied, designed and built according to the customer’s specific requirements in order to optimise the solution as the goal of the project. The heating process for our industrial ovens is carried out by means of GAS OR ELECTRIC EXCHANGERS.
Research and innovation have marked our approach to the oven sector from the outset.
The use of state-of-the-art technologies, combined with the choice of the most technically reliable materials, has allowed Comex Group drying systems to represent one of the best solutions on the market.
This result translates into enormous advantages for the customer, in terms of energy savings, safety, durability and ease of use.

A product range that, due to its high technological content, offers the community environmental protection in compliance with the strictest green standards.


Foundry Sector

Food sector

Plastic sector

Electrical Components Sector

Marble and Ceramic Sector

Automotive Sector

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