Renewable energies

The design solutions for the use of renewable energy offered by COMEX GROUP are manifold. In fact, the technical department’s many years of experience in the energy sector, together with its various installations in the various sectors, allows it to evaluate and choose solutions that improve human and environmental wellbeing, both in the case of upgrading existing installations and in the case of new installations.

These state-of-the-art technologies are found in applications in various sectors: industrial, commercial, tertiary, guaranteeing safety, efficiency and flexibility of use.

Below are our green solutions from COMEX GROUP.


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Lithium bromide absorption air conditioning units powered by SOLAR ENERGY


Recovery of thermal energy from flue gas, combustion or production processes, for reuse


Adiabatic cooler, the ideal solution for cooling and recirculation of room air, works only with water and electricity


Pre-assembled factory-made thermo-cooling plant: condensing thermal unit + air-water heat pump complete with inertial storage.

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