Climair Cond

CLIMAIR COND is a wall-mounted condensing boiler, equipped with a pre-mixed low NOx burner in class 5 and 6. The electronic control unit manages automatic modulation of the thermal load.

CLIMAIR COND is available with the following heat outputs: 32 kW, 47 kW, 65 kW, 94 kW and 107 kW with efficiencies up to 107%.

It has an IPX5D degree of protection and a supporting structure with a painted steel casing suitable for outdoor installation, guaranteeing robustness and solidity.


Climair Cond 35

Rated heating capacity (HI) 32 kW

Climair Cond 45

Rated heating capacity (HI) 47 kW

Climair Cond 70

Rated heating capacity (HI) 65 kW

Climair Cond 100

Rated heating capacity (HI) 94 kW

Climair Cond 115

Rated heating capacity (HI) 107 kW


The gas burner is premixed with total modulation, low NOx in class 5 and 6 with low CO values emitted into the atmosphere, the air/gas combustion ratio is constant.
CLIMAIR COND models 45 to 115 are already equipped with CE-certified safety devices.
The primary plate heat exchanger for condensation is made of steel.
The ELECTRONIC CIRCULATOR is with variable flow rate and high prevalence, the CLIMAIR COND also has the post-circulation function, which reduces thermal inertia increasing the overall yield, and also anti-blocking, the pumps are run once a day while the boiler is in stand-by.
By-pass between flow and return is automatic, and it is possible to insert an optional external climate compensation probe.

  • Seasonal energy efficiency in heating as per “Ecodesign” regulation 813/2013/EC
  • Certified according to energy efficiency class as per “Ecolabel” regulation 811/2013/EC
  • Outdoor/indoor wall-mounted condensing boiler
  • High efficiency ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Water-cooled Low NOx model gas burner
  • Low NOx and CO emitted into the atmosphere
  • High residual head
  • Plant safety flow switch
  • Electrical protection class IPX5D
  • Stainless steel condensation exchanger, outdoor painted steel casing
  • Equipped with safety devices
  • Climatic control unit as standard
  • Possibility of managing the boiler via Open-Therm remote control and possibility of remote management via SCTG02 kit
  • Digital alphanumeric display
  • Management of high and low temperature zone, modulating mixing valve and external domestic hot water and climatic curve according to outdoor temperature
  • Control of 16 boilers via bus and 5 boilers dry contacts
  • 4 probe reading, 24-hour programme memory
  • 2 voltage-free contact inputs, 6 programmable voltage-free contact outputs and 6 output display LEDs
  • Boiler rotation in cascade
  • Input for low-frequency pulse generator
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Alarm display


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with fan heater prepared for wall or ceiling installation.


output: max 50 °C and optimised condensation..


with Fan Heater prepared for ducting.

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