Delivery of: max. 50 °C and optimisation of condensation.
DUALSMART basically consists of the combination of:

DUALSMART is particularly suitable for commercial and sporting premises, as well as for the commercial industrial sector. In fact, thanks to its special characteristics, it is ideal for heating large rooms with fire-risk activities, such as, for example, textile factories, carpentries, body shops, and all those public environments with an influx of people.

DUALSMART is available with the following heat outputs: 32 kW, 49.5 KW, 65 kW with 2 fan heaters and offers an average seasonal efficiency of more than 102%.

The wall-mounted condensing boiler has an IPX5D degree of protection and the fan heater IP54.

The supporting structure with an ABS and painted steel shell for the fan heater, and ABS and painted INOX steel for the external boiler, both guarantee robustness and solidity.

The condensing boiler is equipped with a class 5 and 6 premixed low NOx burner. An electronic control unit manages automatic modulation of the thermal load and variable speed ventilation with high air flow rates.


DualSmart 35

Rated heat capacity (HI) 32 kW
Air flow rate 5.400 m3/h

DualSmart 45

Rated heat capacity (HI) 47 kW
Air flow rate 5.600 m3/h

DualSmart 55

Rated heat capacity (HI) 65 kW
Air flow rate 5.400 m3/h

DualSmart 70 2×35

Rated heat capacity (HI) 65 kW
Air flow rate 10.300 m3/h


The DUALSMART split system consists of a wall-hung “CLIMAIR COND” high-efficiency condensation boiler, for outdoor use, combined with one or more “SMART LEADER” low-temperature fan coils to be installed in the room to be heated.
In the “C” version, the system is designed to be combined with a cooling unit for summer cooling.

The package includes:
  • CLIMAIR COND wall-mounted condensing boiler
  • On-site flue gas exhaust kit
  • SMART LEADER indoor fan heater(s)
  • External probe for climatic compensation
  • Room thermostat kit w/triple speed

Various configurations possible with 5 types of boilers and 4 types of fan heaters
The DUALSMART split system heats quickly thanks to a low thermal inertia of the condensing boiler exchanger
Maximum flow temperature 50 °C with optimised condensation and average carrier fluid temperature <45 °C

Boiler characteristics

  • Outdoor MURAL condensing boiler
  • On-site flue gas exhaust kit (standard)
  • Room thermostat kit w/triple speed (standard)
  • External probe (standard)
  • Climair casing in ABS and painted steel (Mod. 45, 70) or INOX steel (Mod. 35,100, 115)
  • High efficiency ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Equipped with safety devices
  • Frost protection
  • Climair IPX5D degree of protection

Indoor unit characteristics

  • SMART LEADER ABS and galvanised steel casing
  • SMART LEADER prepared for wall installation
  • SMART LEADER also available in C version, with hydrophilic coil and condensate drip tray
  • Vertical outlet air orientation (standard)
  • Bi-directional orientation of outlet air (optional)
  • Filter for removal of suspended dust (standard)
  • Three-speed fan and variable air flow at minimum speed
  • SMART LEADER fan heater allows the reduction of air stratification
  • SMART LEADER prepared for air ducting
  • SMART LEADER IP54 degree of protection


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with fan heater prepared for wall or ceiling installation.


with Fan Heater prepared for ducting.


WALL condensing boilers
with heat outputs: from 32 to 107 kW and efficiencies of up to 107%.

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