Air sanitisation


YOUSAN is the first, original range of patented fan units specifically designed for the sanitisation of industrial environments.
This innovative product performs an environment sanitisation process based on an innovative technology, “ionising heterogeneous photocatalysis”, which produces a set of photochemical reactions activated by a suitable light-sensitive catalyst that acts directly on a composite material.

YOUSAN – for the office

YOUSAN – for industry



For office space from 23 to 279 m2 with a room height of 3 m


For industry
Air flow rate 2,000/1,000 m3/h


For industry
Air flow rate 4.000/2.000 m3/h


For industry
Air flow rate 8.000/6.000 m3/h


  1. The flow of moisture-laden air from the ventilation passes through the metal alloy module irradiated by a high-intensity UV light.
  2. This process initiates a photochemical oxidation reaction producing hydroxyl radicals (OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
  3. Hydroxyl radicals (OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) attack and decompose bacteria and pollutants through oxidation and virus inactivation reactions by increasing the oxygen level in the air (CO2 + H2O).

By diffusing hydroxyl radicals (OH) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into the environment, these are also deposited by gravity, allowing the safe, effective and complete sanitisation of duct surfaces, air, the surfaces of treated rooms and any fabrics and objects inside the rooms using YOUSAN.

YOUSAN 280 for the office

Independent portable unit, designed to cover rooms up to 279 m2 wide by 3 m high.
Both ventilation speed and sanitisation levels can be adjusted according to the different environmental conditions and needs within the rooms.
All settings, adjustments and maintenance alerts are shown on the LCD display at the front of the unit.
A standard electrical outlet is sufficient for operation.
The unit also comes with a convenient remote control for remote control.

YOUSAN for industry

Available in 3 models, they allow you to proportion the throw, speed and volume of treated air according to the specific needs of each individual installation
YOUSAN are designed for wall or ceiling installation.
They can be equipped with variable air speed control to adapt the plant’s set-up times or compensate for any continuous extractions.
Combined with any existing environment, in addition to sanitisation they reduce the stratification coefficient.
Complete availability of control and management panels for any type of application.
Centralised electrical expansion panel for controlling several units (optional).
IP54 YOUSAN degree of protection.


  1. Vertical outlet air grille (standard) or bi-directional (optional)
  2. ABS casing
  3. Dual-speed fan with variable air flow at minimum speed
  4. Sanitisation unit
  5. Filter up to 6 microns of efficiency for the purification of suspended dust
  6. Supporting structure made of aluminised steel and with materials and components of undisputed quality


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