31 Jul 2019

New Plant – “IESI” Heat recovery system powers an emulsifiable oil vacuum evaporator system.


New plant “IESI” 400/240 energy recovery – Thermic power=400Kw
The thermal recovery system uses the fumes produced from an aluminum melting furnaces and power an emulsifiable oil vacuum evaporator..
A remote managing allows to monitoring the performance and if necessary, to manage the data from an office far from kilometers from the site.
A specific software shows the running values time by time and through a graph they are stored in a history file consulted.


• Thermal energy recovered per year= 2.772 MWhtr
• Combustible gas saved = 293.300 smc/year
• CO2 not emitted in the atmosphere: = 569 t/year
• Treatment Daily quantity = 20 mc/day (emulsifiable oil)

The technical office is available for any further information.